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Dave and Carolyn were married on 8 JUL 1979 in Kearney, NE.  We lived in Sutherland, NE from 1979 till 1982, Dave was in the USAF from 1982 till 1989. During that time we lived in Denver,Co for 1 year, and Croughton, England from May 1983 till May 1986. During this time we had James, Jason, and Stephanie. We were in Panama City,FL from 1986 till 1989 and Joshua was born there. We lived in Lincoln,Ne from May 1989 till Aug 1997. During this time Dave worked for Duncan Aviation for 1 year and then worked for Nppd as a Temp till being hired as a full time employee in 1990. In 1991 Dave got hired in the Transmission Substation Dept. We transfered to Kearney, Ne in 1997.Dave is envolved in Sound and lights in 2 theatre's and 2 event centers. Carolyn also does Wardrobe when time allows. All of our children (adults) heldp when they can, good shows or bad.We own a sound system, and Dave is trying to show some of the boys how to set it up and run it. We all keep busy.